Pirates [2014] Subtitle Indonesia

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Movie Revised romanization: Hangul Director Writer Release Date Distributor Language Country : The Pirates : Haejuk: Badaro Gan Sanjuk : 해적: 바다로 간 산적 : Lee Suk-Hoon : Cheon Seong-Il : 7 Agustus 2014 Sumber : Lotte Entertainment : Korean : South Korea


Kim Nam-Gil Son Ye-Jin Sulli Yu Hae-Jin Park Chul-Min Jo Dal-Hwan Kim Won-Hae Shin Jung-Keun – Jang Sa-Jung (bandit) – Yeo-Wol (pirate) – Heuk-Myo (pirate) – Chul-Bong (bandit) – bandit – San-Man (bandit) – bandit – Yong-Kap

Plot Billed as the Korean version of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, the movie is set in the Joseon Dynasty and revolves around a giant whale which swallowed a royal seal, and the coming together of a mountain bandit Jang Sa Jung (Kim Nam Gil) and a female pirate Yeo Wol (Son Ye Jin), and their respective groups who seek to capture it.

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